Below Are Some Commonly Asked Questions

If you have more questions or would like to find out how to bring Comprehensive Mobile Care into your facility, contact us.

What is your ethical and legal record?

We have a 100% perfect ethical and legal record.

What is your standing with relevant governmental agencies?

We are in good standing with all relevant governmental agencies.

Who are the providers that go into the facility?

All providers are fully licensed and in good standing with the appropriate state agency. They have verified background checks. Providers have experience and training in caring for the elderly. They are professional and compassionate. They only provide care which the provider believes is appropriate to the patient’s overall physical and mental condition.

Can care be provided for someone in a wheelchair?

Yes, care can be provided in the wheelchair to avoid risks associated with moving the patient into a typical medical chair.

Can care be provided bedside for non-ambulatory patients?

Yes, bedside services can be provided for patients who are not ambulatory to the extent possible.

What happens if there is an emergency and the provider is not here that day?

We have a 24/7 emergency line. Emergencies will be handled by the on-call provider and their availability. We also have a Tele-dentistry program.

Do you have infection control standards?

Yes, all infection control methods meet or exceed all government standards.

What type of equipment and supplies are used?

We use portable, high-tech equipment, and supplies to be able to set up a mini-office directly in your facility.

How do we know what care was provided and what is needed?

Your facility is given information on all treatment provided and planned. In addition, we track and schedule all patients for follow-up visits with your approval.

How is care coordinated with our facility?

We have a designated coordinator for your facility who works together with you to schedule visits.

Do you accept traditional insurance policies, such as Delta?

Yes, we do.

What is included in the insurance policy coverage, through our affiliated insurance company, for dentistry, audiology, optometry and podiatry?

Comprehensive dentistry, audiology, optometry and podiatry services are covered. Contact us for a list of services covered under the policy.

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