Aging and Foot Health often go together, especially for sedentary older adults and those unable to care for themselves. Being able to care for yourself and your foot health is important because if you are unable to reach your feet or see your feet, small problems that could be addressed can turn into larger problems with health implications. Unfortunately, the population we serve is more at risk for this. Preventative care by caregivers and podiatrists along with routine podiatry examinations are critical.

Routine and preventative care can include the following:

  1. Check feet daily. Discuss if there is any pain. Look for skin changes, infections,
    or anything you have not seen before. If so, schedule a podiatry appointment.
  2. Wash and dry feet well. This includes between the toes as fungal growth can
    occur there.
  3. Apply foot lotion daily. While doing so, massage the skin to help with
    circulation and making the skin more moist because dry skin has less circulation.
    This is especially valuable during the winter months or if you live in a dry place.
    Skip in between the toes.
  4. Trim nails properly. This can be done by a certified health care provider or
    podiatrist. Dr. Neal Houslanger, a podiatrist in New Year, says toenails should be
    cut straight across, not too short, and to avoid cleaning out the tissues in the
    corners. It can increase the chance of infection by 50 percent. In addition, he
    recommends to avoid cleaning underneath the nail as this can separate the nail
    from the nailbed and make the nail fall off.

Dr. Said Atway, a clinical assistant professor of podiatry at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says if there are no specific problems with the feet, seeing a podiatrist once a year should suffice. However, those with foot pain, system disease like diabetes or vascular diseases, skin changes or infections, or anything you are not sure about have a good reason to schedule a visit with the podiatrist.

Comprehensive Mobile Care podiatrists provide care directly within your facility. They bring all necessary equipment and supplies to set up a mini-podiatry office in the comfort and safety of your own environment. Contact us to find out how Comprehensive Mobile Care can help you care for your participants’ and residents’ foot health and, accordingly, overall health.

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